Extremely good graphic from the @keybase announcement post

I really don't understand @keybase business model. I've searched, but found nothing serious. Something vague like "we are not trying to make money, we'll think about that later". I'm not using a service if I don't understand the business model ... 😑
They don't want to make money ? Good, it should be a non profit then. It's not.

@thomas It almost always means "We'll lose capital to build a userbase than monetize that userbase later.

@pandora_parrot I agree. And I definitely don't want to be monetized 🖕🏼

@thomas @pandora_parrot Keybase really sounds like it should be a FLOSS app running over a decentralized topology. But it s o m e h o w i s n' t . . . . .

@Gargron @keybase Don't forget the GitHub logo with x_x eyes ... I love it ;) So much color for all the Mastodon logos for contrast.

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