I had no idea the second season of American Gods already started airing


I kind of hate American Gods because it's really slow-paced and deliberately confusing and most of the interactions is people laughing at the protagonist for being confused by all the inane shit that's going on, not to mention the odd-looking CGI, but it's still kind of interesting


did you read the book? I don't care if it's super faithful, but I'm curious if the tone and message is consistent. it sounds like it is from your description lol


@Gargron I think most seasons somewhere since the 15th century.

@Gargron I'm pretty sure it started as a spin-off in the 15th century from European Gods.

@webmind No, it's an adaption of Neil Gaiman's American Gods novel published in 2001, produced by Amazon


@Gargron Hmm, I guess in the 15th century it maybe still was European Gods go America, but not long after I do think it became American Gods, way before 2001


I've seen only season one and it's very well filmed and played (Tchelyanosk is incredibly good, but so are many others) but basically nothing happens from the beginning to the end indeed...

@Gargron I gave up on the book. Maybe it's better as a TV show.

@Gargron I liked how confusing it was, because everything is confusing to Shadow, puts us properly in the mind of the protagonist. The opening credits are beautiful too.

@Gargron I watched 2 ep of second series and find it really boring compared to first!

I dunno if I’m gonna be bothered to watch it now.

Black summer on Netflix is really good. About zombies.

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