"[Jack Dorsey] suggested that the service works best as an “interest-based network,” where you log in and see content relevant to your interests, no matter who posted it"


@Gargron So in other words, he's trying to make Reddit?

@bhtooefr @Gargron you seen the mockups of the comments they're testing? i'd say yes, they are trying to make reddit

@Gargron My only interest is seeing posts ONLY FROM PEOPLE I CHOOSE TO FOLLOW. Checkmate Dorsey

@oysta @Gargron Same here, I have F-site for all that algorithmic stuff.

@Gargron "users don't want control over what they see, they will just take whatever we put in their vibrating VR goggles with crotch attachment and like it"

@Gargron brb getting more people to come over to Mastodon before the great Twitpocalypse


why do I feel like someday someone's gonna find out what content Jack enjoys in his down time and start running ads specifically asking Jack to get rid of the fucking Nazis on his platform?

weird right

@sydneyfalk @Gargron better yet ads telling Jack to eat a damn sandwich.

@Gargron "if we decouple your expectation from seeing specific things we can shove ads in easier" - Jack Dorsey

@Gargron Weird, I hated just about everything I saw on that awful site.

@Gargron This makes no sense. It sounds like he's describing Reddit or Pinterest, not Twitter! I have no interest in contributing to a network that is just "interest based." I want to follow individuals and get every update that they make whenever I am able to log in and read them. Hmm — sounds like the fediverse to me! 😃

@Gargron oh fridge no

Dorsey No

You're freaking making the next F-site

I might legit abandon Twitter if that happened

(I'm using it to follow several celebrities at once, which F-site no longer serves well.)

@Gargron "Content relevant to your interests"... In other words, he thinks people will continue to log on to Twitter just to look at advertising. /cc @robert

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