There's a really neat thing @WAHa_06x36 has developed called Blurhash. It allows encoding any image as an incredibly short sequence of letters, that can be reconstructed into a blurred preview. It allows you to display roughly the right colors and gradients of a picture before the real, bandwidth-intensive version is loaded through the network.

@Gargron @WAHa_06x36 That sounds really neat, do you think it'd be useful as an option for CW'd images?

@clarjon1 @WAHa_06x36 Yes, I think it would be a really cool application of it. The blurred preview does not show any details that could be disturbing, but could allow you to assess what's behind it (e.g. skin tones, or something else) and would look more appealing than simply a black square

@rnickson @Gargron It is a base-64-like encoding, but actually base 83, and it’s of a sequence of integers representing the DCT transformed image.

@Gargron uhm, would like to get some more details on this, but the old google-fu is failing me

@trickster The repository is not public right now, but I hope that it will be soon. Stay tuned I guess very reasonable choices, and thanks for answering, you're a better sport than gargron about that question

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