Had some people tell me that the mark as sensitive button in the compose toolbar is not obvious enough and would be better as "R18" than the crossed out eye icon.

Wanna get a feel for what others think about it.

It used to say "NSFW" originally but that's a suboptimal term for sex workers and also people who may not want to view certain stuff even regardless of not being at a workplace

Maybe if we tied the CW button to the mark as sensitive function? Even if you don't enter CW text it would still hide the media? I actually don't remember if that's how it already works, but I do know we have two buttons when media is attached... CW is at least as a reasonably universal abbreviation

Don't get me wrong, the eye icon works once you know what it does, it's just not very intuitive iconography. It conveys visibility, perhaps, but not visibility of what exactly.

I'm thinking more and more we just don't need two separate buttons, that would solve the problem

@Gargron the eye is the best thing i can think of tbh

@Gargron "R18" might not be understood everywhere either?

@mmu_man @Gargron R18 means nothing in the US. The eye is at least arguably universal.

@Gargron @mmu_man we have PG-13 and R. And outside the context of movie ratings R can mean a whole lot of things.

There is the 🔞 symbol… but I also think the sensitive media button encompasses more than adult content, so it would be oddly limiting to specify that's what it is for.


I don't even know what the R in "R18" would stand for 🤔

Not to mention that, at least from what I guess, the 18 refers to an age limit which is probably not the same everywhere?

While I still guess that it's a universal truth that this kind of content is, in the majority of workplaces, inappropriate no matter what country we are talking about.


@sheogorath the 'R' is for "Restricted", with the term 'R18' being short for "Restricted to 18-year-olds (or older)"

@sheogorath @mmu_man @Gargron My immediate thought is "rated 18", though if it referred to the US rating system it would be "restricted".

@Gargron R18 wouldn't work for all the things we mark sensitive that aren't porn, like eye contact, or food, or politics

@t54r4n1 That is true, but an inexact fit that is more commonly used across the web might be better anyway

I wish it could say "hide media" but the space is very tight...

@Gargron maybe a closed eye instead? i would hate for R18 to change the way people use the feature. "oh, kids can look at Donald trump's face, i shouldnt tag this inflammatory screenshot of a headline R18..."

@Gargron It's not even like people use the sensitive content feature exclusively for that. An eye is much, much better at expressing that you're trying to hide it, and we should really just consider the feature as such.

@gargron possibly, i often prefer to see the cw as toot text when there is only pictures. but it may be hard to make a good ui for this

@Gargron the main use case I can think of for keeping them separate is an advertisement for something R18, where the ad text itself is fine for the public TL but the images aren’t; putting it all behind a CW would hurt visibility imo

@jimpjorps Here's the idea: You click CW, it makes the second text input visible, but it's optional. If you add images but don't fill out the CW field, the images are marked sensitive anyway. If you fill out both, it's the same as now. No need for extra button. Make sense?

@Gargron @jimpjorps This makes the feature a bit unreliable, though, as it's unclear when the text will be hidden and when not.

@WAHa_06x36 @Gargron @jimpjorps to be honest, this is one minor gripe I've had for a long time - if an image is hidden, and I show the image, I usually also want to show the text, but this is not what happens by default (so I think CW'd text in front of sensitive images tends to get overlooked)

I am unsure if there are reasons why the two are separate other than that they were implemented as different things at different times. In my ideal UI, you'd just have the CW button, and the sensitive button is just Gone, but maybe that breaks somebodys "workflow"?

@Gargron @jimpjorps This approach seems fine to me. It just has to be clear that the text will be hidden, when you set a CW (even an empty one) to the posting user.

I can't think of many use cases, where I want the images hidden but not the text, or vice versa. Since most of the time they are related. If not, the possibilities are:
- put some info thex into the CW text, so it's always visible
- split your toot into a toot-chain with more content in your chained replies

@Gargron dunno if this outweighs the other issues, but IMO it can be pretty useful to have a CW and still unhide the image, eg. if you're writing a lengthy image description below the cut, or your text needs a CW and the picture doesn't, or whatever, idk

@bryn I don't remember if this is even allowed right now? Isn't the image always hidden if there is a CW?

@WAHa_06x36 @Gargron well that's embarrassing. swear to god I'd done that before, I'll be quiet now

@Gargron triangle with a ! in it almost universally symbolizes warning of some sort ⚠️

crossed-out eye still makes sense for hiding something, but perhaps crossed-out image would be less ambiguous?

also spitballing here, but maybe integrate "sensitive image" flag not with the cw, but instead with a revamped media editing UI that also allows for easier captioning and some simple stuff like crop? or at least an overlay on top of the preview, like "focal point" currently is.

@Gargron for clarification: [image]

it's even named "change preview" already

you could also dynamically compute the blurhash and show the preview of what it would look like!

@Gargron How about moving the "Hide Images" button out of of the grey strip?

@lychee @Gargron oooh, that makes more sense than the button appearing/disappearing in the existing “toolbar” actually

@lychee @gargron hey, this is a really good design! i like it a lot, it makes a ton of sense

@lychee @gargron my only suggestion would be tweaking the copy: "Hide sensitive images" makes it sound like the "sensitive images" are something that already exists or that the software is determining. What about "Mark images as sensitive" or just "Hide images"?

@nightpool @Gargron Agreed. With an introduction of text string, translations will also need to be carefully considered too.

@Gargron oh are you the person to complain to about the UI here lol

@Gargron note that the eye is inconsistent with the (identical?) eye button on thread views, which is for expanding CWs (and i'm not sure it even applies to images)

@Gargron CW without text is practically useless imo

@gargron fuck "NSFW" for that very good reason. it should not be designed around some people's view of a workplace.
and fuck "R18" because the reasons you want to hide that content often has nothing to do with adulthood or whatever age it is in your current country. Sometimes it's for flashing content. sometime it's for content you want to hide from adults who do not expect what to see

@CobaltVelvet @cwebber @Gargron one could view NSFW as "Nudity and/or Sexuality, Fair Warning" which is a nice backronym

@ebel @cwebber @gargron but then again it isn't limited to nudity and/or sexuality (for instance: politics, violence, spoilers, ...)

@CobaltVelvet @cwebber @Gargron Well yeah. general "content warnings"/"don't show by default" are that too. But I wouldn't call that "NSFW". But yeah

The crossed out eye would be more universal, me thinks.

R18 may imply that those over 18 would be okay with the sensitive content, but not those under 18. That is not always the case. For me, the idea isn't really that we don't want under-aged people to see certain posts or content, it is to warn people that the post may be considered sensitive by some and we therefore don't want it to appear readily and that they would have to be intentional in viewing the content.

I'm afraid I don't have a good suggestion. This may be an issue where you just can't have a solution that works for everyone.

I wouldn't know what R18 meant if I just saw it on screen. I'm guessing it's meant to be a reference to R-rating/18+?

Folks from other countries that use different rating systems might not recognize it either.

@Gargron Witch "crossed-out-eye" we are talking about my v2.8.0 toolbar looks like that:

@Gargron Thank you, I should post media more often 😊

@Gargron I agree that the eye isn't completely intuitive, but I don't think any of these options are right and I don't know what is - you don't always want to hide an image because it's R18 or NSFW...
I'm trying to think of an icon that just represents hiding an image, like a generic image icon with a blind? This is complicated

@Gargron I really like there being two separate features, maybe the other could just say like click to view or something.

@Gargron I especially like that you can see the whole rest of the post except the image with the 👁 which is good sometimes

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