Look, I tried. Not my fault it looks that that image of Charlie Day trying to explain something

I guess I'll add that many companies pay upwards of $10K per month for a comparable setup on AWS or Heroku, while all of this, spread out over 7 physical machines, costs $0.5K per month, so there is that

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@Gargron I see my avatar back there. just a little Easter egg for the fans

@Gargron Having done cost modelling for AWS-vs.-on-prem in an enterprise environment, IMO it's only cost effective if you take into account TCO of things like preexisting FTE and running physical datacentres (which we had). For non-enterprise stuff, or stuff without existing legacy corporate baggage, it's actually not that cost competitive and I think that burns a lot of smaller operators?

@Satsuma I guess you could say that, yeah. It may have come headroom as well.

@Gargron how much do you think it costs to keep archives of the 290k inactive/less active accounts you have?


That's not the impression I got from it, just that it's a complex architecture.

But: I feel fairly sure that diagram can be simplified with a larger space. You may want to consider setting that up in Krita or something else and make a tall image out of it?

Just a thought; might be wrong, I often am.

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