I'm 26 years old, I have seen a ton of US films, they all feature baseball, and I *still* have absolutely no clue how that game works--nor do I really care

@Gargron buddy i grew up watching baseball and *i* dont even know how it works

@Pixley @Gargron

I saw this toot and somehow immediately knew you would reply

@Pixley @Gargron Karen is really really really good at explaining baseball

@neoncoughh @Pixley

the goal is to score as many field goals as possible without getting put in the penalty box for illegal screens

@Gargron I grew up in city with a big-deal baseball team, saw several big-deal games in person, and even played it for a season, and I still have no clue how it really works.

@Gargron Generally I'm not really into sports. But baseball is actually quite fun to me

@Gargron I’m 47, I’ve seen 19 seasons of Midsommer Murders, countless other BBC mysteries, they all feature Cricket, and I still have no idea wth that is all about.

@sivy @gargron I categorize baseball as "unknown" and cricket as "unknowable".

@varx @sivy Isn't cricket just golf with gates instead of holes?

@WAHa_06x36 @sivy @varx @Gargron There are no drink breaks in golf. You're just constantly drinking

@Gargron it’s like cricket, except instead of throwing the ball at a target, there’s a dude whose job it is to decide whether a throw was fair or not and he is forbidden from using video footage to help with this decision

@Gargron it's simple. you have 9 porgles during which to "spank" the fronglund into shwishwi.


Darlin' I am pushing fifty, have lived all of my life in the US, and have next to no idea how baseball OR football works.

@Gargron I live in the US and people give me all kinds of crap for not being a fan of the great “American Pastime”

@Gargron if you hit a leg-before-wicket to a loaded base you score one-love, which is a touchdown

@Gargron wait, tons of US films, all feature baseball...I’ve either not been watching US films or the wrong ones, few of the ones I watched have baseball in them. Though the more I think I about it I was mostly raised on foreign TV/Films, so probably the former.

@Gargron Behe se uno sport non piace non piace, inutile insistere, per quanto si possa imparare le regole

Wow, you're at least 3 years younger than me and have already revolutionised social media...

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