Realistically, how long are we away from the reboot of the original Star Wars trilogy

Don't tell me you wouldn't want to see Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan again

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I have no real attachment to the original trilogy. I think the prequels portray a world that is ultimately more interesting to explore than what happened later, and I believe they might have been better movies if they didn't have to connect to the original trilogy.

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@Gargron Probably still quite a while away I'd say. No matter how good it'd theoretically be, fans would turn the very announcement into an absolute shitshow and it's much safer for Disney to just keep making new ones. As long as that's profitable, I don't think they're gonna go for that

@Gargron 6 years, then Alden Ehrenreich will be the same age as Harrison Ford was when A New Hope came out.

@Gargron I actually do, but in a stand-alone film. Ewan MacGregor deserves to be in a Good Star War

Scene opens on a desert scene, Luke's uncle walks out to call him in from the farm
Luke looks up, it's our first time seeing him
..later, near a spaceport, some stormtroopers stop their landspeeder. One stormtrooper approaches.
Obi-Wan waves his arm dismissively:

A space battle is pitched, Millennium Falcon against TIE fighters. Luke and Han man the guns. Before Han fires on each TIE fighter, Greedo's hand with a gun appears from behind the TIE and fires a shot at right angles to the muzzle.
Luke hits a TIE fighter.
Han responds gruffly,

@Gargron ...Disney did just announce that three Star Wars movies were coming out in 2022, 2024, and 2026.

I'm not sure they said they were /new/ movies...

@Gargron What is there to be won? The old films look nice. The Sequels already are a sort of reboot.

@Gargron Also, much of what seems outdated (eg the sluggish lightsaber fights) have been explained through newer movies and lore, so changing these parts would actually add confusion.

@Gargron Until a generation of women whose young minds were empowered by Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa die, there will always be deep love for the original trilogy.

It's easy to forget (or never have known if born after 1990) just how radically different a character she was for a teen or pre-teen to see.

@Gargron atleast, twenty years,before a reboot /reimagining. Just a guess... There's still plenty of money to mine out of the current iteration.

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