Spend one day in Twitter notifications and you really come to appreciate the pleasant bubble of the fediverse

@Gargron there's also just less politics in fediverse

not to say politics shouldn't exist as conversation ofc, but sometimes i'm just like "dang, maybe i should try to forget that i live in such a place sometimes"

@EeveeDefender @Gargron it's not even that, it's that people don't thrust them upon you. I see a lot of politics here but it's up to me whether I want to hear about it or be involved. Twitter doesn't allow for that kind of personal agency.

@Gargron :blobcatbreadpeek: Fediverse is a nice place and trouble is easier to deal with

@Gargron I rarely go on Twitter but I went on there and responded to a tweet about shitty gamers and someone I've never met called me a pedophile just for having a furry in my avatar.

I think I like here better.

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