Would you enjoy differently-sized headings, blockquotes, code blocks, bullet point lists and other rich text features in toots on your home feed?

(Screenshot follows in next toot)

@Gargron yeah that’d be nice, especially if there could be syntax highlighting for code blocks

@Gargron all this and also greentext im begging you lmao


@Gargron Actually after thinking about it a little, people would barely use this besides shitposts & people with 10,000 char limits making Absolute *Articles* that everyone would rather they put it on an actual Blog. But but but, blockquotes, italics & bold are something i'd see myself using freakin daily. who knows, people barely capitalise their sentences here let alone format things pretty lmao

re: opinioné 

@toffy you know you can do this all already on pleroma right??

re: opinioné 

@kurisu yes Dumbo and i liked it thats why im saying this

@Gargron @toffy I take it you're probably joking, but I could really get behind an imageboard with ActivityPub federation. Sometimes I miss posting and reading creepypasta on /x/.

@Gargron @toffy Federation with 4chan only if I can send literal halt and catch fire opcodes to their servers.

@Gargron i would greatly appreciate this feature since it means I can start using formatted texts in my own posts, which would be particularly helpful for posting links.

hell it looks significantly more extensive than Pleroma's

@gargron Oh, yeah, this looks nice.

I do have a question, though. Would markdown compatibility be included here? Like, I've used asterisks around words to emphasize them in the past, so would this be backwards compatible with those old toots? Or is this purely rich text without markdown abilities?

@Gargron For reference, this is a screenshot from Scuttlebutt (), a social network which has supported full Markdown since a long time ago. The text length limits are less stringent there, but it can give us an idea of what the rich text Fediverse can look like.

@Gargron i dont think we should strip out header tags, as they’re useful for screen readers and such but the formatting on them should be minimal, perhaps just a few points larger for h1 and h2&3 both styled the same as <strong>?

@Parnikkapore @Gargron also means mastodon clients that want to do something a little fancier still have all the data they need, which is a bonus

@Gargron I don't get it. How is it useful on a SN where post content is limited to 500 chars? I mean: content formating is nice when you want to write structured text which usually go beyond 500 chars. For instance: what's the point of a title to a text of ~400 chars? 🤔

Bold/italic and inline code could be an ok feature for readability but beyond that, I'm not sure what the point is.

Plus, how is it going to work? Will formatting character be counted among the 500 characters? 🤔

@AugierLe42e @gargron Is it though? I kind of remember a PR that made that limit configurable per instance.

@jkb Indeed. But IIRC, the Mastodon protocol still limits messages is memory weight. And most instances won't configure that limit. So you won't see messages of 5k chars appear in your stream like you often do on diaspora, for instance.

But AP is not limited to 500 char and some mastodon instences increased their respective limits.
Additionally other fedivers post such as plume blog might use some MD formatting , it would be nice being able to interact with the same formating

@CedC @Gargron Ok, I don't get it. What are we talking about? Mastodon not stripping HTML formatting comming from non-M instances (like Plume)? Matodon being able to format Markdown content coming from non-M instances? Or enabling Markdown formatting *in* Mastodon? 🤔


My message was not clear 😅 but basically other federated platforms provide formating tools which are currently ignored/lost on mastodon ; it is kind of a bummer

@CedC @Gargron So it's not about adding Markdown parsing to Mastodon but just put some more HTML tags in Mastodon's sanitizer white list?

Brilliant! I know a lot of people love to hate Google+ but personally I would be happy if more of the good ideas are ported over.

@Gargron @cosmicevan wait...we can vote on this website? I honestly don't know how to do this.

@Gargron @cosmicevan I'm just going to reiterate what I said, because internet irony can get a little layered sometimes, so I think it's good to confirm sincerity:

I use Windows and Firefox and I have not yet learned how to view and vote on mastodon polls. When I have time, I'll go figure out how to do this, but right now I sincerely do not know how. Nobody has any obligation to teach me, but I just wanted to state the matter plainly.

@peptostate @Gargron @cosmicevan it has to be enabled on your instance so its possible it isnt on yours yet.

@wintgenstein @Gargron @cosmicevan Ah, thanks for clarifying. Well, in that case, I wish Eugen the best of luck with tallying the data he collects from whichever instances have managed to find the resources required to install this particular feature. Good survey, bro.

@Gargron @wintgenstein @cosmicevan This is the first time the big admin of mastodon has ever replied directly to me. The post was two words long.

@Gargron if I need headings... I dunno. Someone does, I guess me not. Buuut! Bullet point, quotes and monospace would be such a pleasure!

@Gargron bullet points, bold and italic would be great; would not be at all bothered by other rich text stuff. (i voted and am just specifying)

@aflightybroad @Gargron Yeah, I can take or leave headers, but I'd at least appreciate bold, italic, and lists.

@Gargron Voted yes. The dream would be full markdown support, but I'm happy with just what's shown in the image

@Gargron yes on everything except headers imo. if "yes" gets less than 50% just do bold/italic

@Gargron I recently saw a full article posted as ActivityPub note so mastodon rendered it. Of course completely unreadable as it was endless scrolling. All in all horrible.

Maybe it's really just me but I see no point in in having long text entries in Mastodon at all, and without long text, formatting appear unneeded to me. But I already pointed those things out in the issue :/

@sheogorath The article must have been incorrectly marked up by the sender. It should have showed up as title and link to the original

@Gargron I know, that's basically my point: When we look at Mastodon as an ecosystem, there is no need for formatting, because we are within our lovely 500 chars. The main reason why formatting would be required is because people don't make it to send their ActivityPub properly.

A lot of people in the PR highlighted how much more accessible things would become. Knowing our Mastodon "shitposters" I guess we'll see whole tootes made of 1 headline each per character… Hooray accessibility.

I've voted Yes, but I would have voted "Yes - but headings". I don't really think we need headings, but these others are nice to have.

Buen trabajo, Eugenio.

@Gargron this will be really good for people who want to blog and write longer posts. Yes all the way for me.

@LuigiEsq @Gargron I'm thinking a different, more blog-like interface might mesh better with these features than the default column view.

@Aleums @LuigiEsq Idea: Remove columns. One TinyMCE editor stretched across the page

@Aleums @Gargron maybe an simple and obviously-placed toggle button to switch between column feeds and then a more bloglike layout

@LuigiEsq @Aleums @Gargron in the interim, pinafore is a good option for a single column experience

pleroma let's me send very long 'peats 

@LuigiEsq @Aleums @Gargron this not a solution you can easily take when more extensive formatting is included. Unless its simply bold, underlines, links, and italics; you're going to get a visual mess trying to work through a formatted post. The other solution would be chopping out segments of a post, which will absolutely break your ability to comprehend the vast majority of extensively formatted posts.

Honestly, Mastodon allowing all formatting really helps me (a Pleroma user) more than it helps Mastodon because Pleroma's wide columns allow this sort of content to be easily consumed without loss of visual clarity (in fact I GAIN some visual clarity). Mastodon's UI isn't really built to handle extensive formatting Handling formatting properly for the design as it currently is is a much simpler problem than a complete UI redesign. I think "Only bold/italic" choice does a disservice for minimal formatting since like, allowing links in text is a big one for me since I can use a lot of links in a posts (say i'm citing sources) without breaking flow or visual clarity.

In summary, not a simple issue although like, I think the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives and every social media site besides twitter does have some form of post formatting.

Yes! I am now thinking multi-column desktop version of mastodon needs to go. I was one that was put off by it originally but only came back around because mastodon is FOSS.

I think the way it looks/works on mobile should be made the default look on desktop 🤔
@Aleums @LuigiEsq

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