I spent today messing with a simplified layout for Mastodon, but haven't arrived at anything that I like enough to show.

I once did a poll on Twitter (back when I had my personal account) asking about the biggest obstacles to Mastodon adoption and the UI is on the same level as network effects. That's killing me. Like, I absolutely love this multi-column UI, that's the sad part


It's also kinda hard to make it different from web Twitter in terms of where elements are positioned.

But at the same time, when elements are wider, all of the margins and paddings need to also be bigger, otherwise the UI looks claustrophobic, and that's a lot of CSS adjustments...

@Gargron imo you could take inspiration from the css hacks that force a "single column mode" by basically using the tablet layout next to the toot sidebar

@Gargron Actually, I rather like that it's set up almost identical to TweetDeck, which I find way less painful to use than the actual Twitter Web site.

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