From far away it begins to look kind of alright? 馃

For reference, critical things missing from the top bar (and with no space for them in there no matter what) are: Lists, Direct messages, Favourites, and Profile Directory

In terms of immediate importance, Local and Federated aren't really on the same level as Home and Notifications, so I wonder if it would be better to just drop the top bar and put all the links on the right side

Mind this is all only on the largest window width

Ah yeah sorry I missed the binding thought from that toot: With both top bar and links on the side, wouldn't it be hella weird to have navigation in multiple places...

I'm digging it! You gotta upgrade that ubuntu 16.04 though 馃槣

I would maybe also include a tab for direct messages?

It is good enough.
In some situation you just remove the problematic node (object)!
make your life beautiful and simple.

@KevinSaracho @Gargron very nice update,can I confirm that pawoo has his own format won't get influence by this at all right? Thanks馃槉

@Sphinx @Gargron falta la zona de tendencias y la traducci贸n de mensajes

Can you put them in a sandwich menu? a different one perhaps?

@Gargron Use only icons with tooltips describing their behavior on mouseover. :toucan:

@Gargron can you not just put the hamburger back and get to them from there? e.g. screenshot

@Gargron Is this an alternative to the multi-column layout we currently have, or is it a replacement (new design)?

@DivineOmega @Gargron I believe this would be an additional, alternative UI for folks who prefer a single column - a bit less busy and more readable for some portion of the federation.

@Gargron I think it looks really great and can't wait to use it! Keep up the good work, Eugen!

@Gargron It would look *great* if you make the window half-screen.

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