@Sir_Boops 50.times { PostStatusService.new.call(Account.first, Faker::Lorem.paragraph) }

@Gargron Ok ya that's better XD

And here I am just posting 'gay' a bunch of times to test U w U

@Gargron @Sir_Boops whats the character range for that?

Might be useful to have one or two ~500 char & ~250 char statuses in there as well?

@Gargron Looking good. I don't have a problem with the tweetdeck-like UI, but TBH I really only look at home most of the time. So I'll probably use this.

@vamp @Gargron
I couldn't agree more.
I also think for the most new users mastodon would be more friendly with a simple and clean UI like this.
really missing "what is happening now" with few trending hashtags

@Gargron just needs a settings link

heck, solve another problem by putting links to the most common settings pages on the right, below an <hr>

i'm thinking like

- preferences
- appearance
- follows and followers

at the very least. there's some overlap with the 3dot menu next to the edit profile, but it could be a chance to lighten it up too?

@Gargron Looks great, the only suggestion I have is to make the compose form dark. The white background really draws attention but I figure that might be intentional.

@Gargron looks good! any plans to make the compose column collapsible?

@Gargron probably a bad idea but here it is all the same: maybe allow for splitting the difference between the two layouts. by the icons on the left opening a cycling slim sidebar, instead of a separate page?

@Gargron this is so good! Looking forward to being able to stop using my one column userstyle.

@Gargron thankyou! this is the update I've been waiting for!

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