Am I right in believing that people who like to use the multi-column UI will be able to find the setting to enable it in the preferences?

@Gargron i can't speak for other people, but i know i'll be able to

@Gargron Yes. Though wee little icons would help enormously to distinguish that wordy setting from many other wordy settings.

@Gargron I don't think so, even theses days with a proper link to the mastodon frontend on pleroma we still get people asking from time to time how to switch to it.

@Gargron Probably.

Buuut, to greatly improve UX for new users, maybe add another screen to the introduction modal to let users choose their preferred layout with simple graphics showcasing the looks.

@gargron I'd say the best option would be to place the choice at the end of the new user process (after the explanation of the fediverse) with single column being the default and an explanation that it can be changed in the settings at any time

@violet I would need to get in touch with dopa, wait until he's available, commission an artwork... I'd rather not touch the tutorial 😕

@gargron that's fair. But I don't think it'd require artwork if it were the final slide. It could just be the two options side by side with little mock-ups of what each looks like with a little explanation under each

You want to make it as unavoidable as possible or else a lot of people will just never see it

@ben This is reverted in master, but we're not updated yet

@Gargron Yes, but there's a lot of unused space where a little tooltip could go. Perhaps with a link to the relevant page in Settings.


I would like to suggest that if you plan on making single-column the new default that you at least leave it enabled by default for *existing* accounts so that regular users won't have the UI suddenly Surprise! Change! on them.

@gargron @suetanvil could be doable? So the plan was to force everyone to a new layout without warning?

@Gargron I expect I'll be able find this setting without much trouble

But I also think that you won't find particularly useful answers to these types of questions until you find a way for yourself or somebody else to do dedicated UX research for mastodon

This post you're doing is a form of UX research, but I think it is an approach to UX research that won't be very effective

If you have few resources , it is valid to make decisions based on limited research. Just be upfront & honest about it

@Gargron (X) No. I'm not sure even if I know exactly what UI is. It took me days to find the notifications when suddenly they disappeared 🤔

@tuttifruttihat From the sound of it you would enjoy the simple layout being default way more

@Gargron I'd say that anyone sophisticated enough to properly understand and use the multi-column UI should be sophisticated enough to fully explore prefs quite early on in their use of the app, yes.

@Gargron why but instead a switch button directly in the ui that looks like "expand this [sidebar]"?

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