So Gab has decided that their own code that they spent $5M of investor money developing is so unsalvageably bad that they're going to use Mastodon's code instead, with the added bonus of leeching off of our apps (with Gab apps being banned from app stores)

This is an early warning to fellow admins to be vigilant and domain-block them on sight, when/if they appear (unconfirmed whether they intend to federate), and to app devs to consider if blocking Gab's domains from their app is necessary.


Remember that Gab is a sinking ship and they're basically grabbing onto Mastodon like a parasite in a desperate attempt to get attention from the "drama" of doing so.

Torba has no self-awareness to see how pathetic it looks that his master race ass is incompetent at making a working website so he has to resort to using software made by a Jew instead.

App devs will block their domains, server admins will block their domains, and that'll be the end of that.

@Gargron oh hell yeah deep state is responsible for gab's meltdown? i'm proud of myself now

@citrustwee @Gargron

canny believe eve's complicated network of ddos bots took down gab wow.

@root elle i am LIVING for you using "canny". that's so good

i will forever use canny, mate, and other random global white terminology as the accentless weirdo of amalgamated mmo culture ive gathered that i am.

@Gargron I mean, odds are fairly high they'll never get this project off the ground either.

@Gargron Maybe they will all just sign up with LibreOne from Purism...

@Gargron The thing about gab joining the fediverse is that their domains are domains where only Nazis will go, it's the reason why Gab is failing, because any branbd that's associated with toxic discriminatory bollocks is a brand nobody wants to associate with.

Even if not blocked, a Tooter with a domain has already outed themselves.

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