Working on extracting appearance-related preferences into its own screen. Thoughts on this organization?

@Gargron I think it makes sense. It certainly wouldn't hurt for appearance settings to have their own section.

@Gargron that's a really good start. it looks like you could add previews of the themes and simple/advanced interface in the future as well.

@Gargron also i *just* realized that "notifications" was a separate page and not just an anchor link :x

@Gargron Librem Social has a separate appearance section too and I like that so I think it is a great idea.

@Gargron actually saw your reduced-motion thing and thought of a better thing than a setting, see:

@Gargron This makes sense to me tho' I still think "advanced interface" should be two pictures (with alt text) with radio buttons under them rather. It's pretty darn cryptic otherwise.

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