Do we have short time abbreviations in German? Like "1d" (1 day), would that be "1T" in German or nah? Do we just use the English abbreviations?

@Gargron english in physics usually i think:
m... mass
(includes time units)
while you sometimes read 1a where a is actually latin for annum (=year),
but even here 1y is becoming more common, i think...

@Gargron I think nominally we use the first character of the Latin words, but I see it very rarely these days (like explained here:

@gargron In theory there are things like std for Stunde and T for day, but i find the english ones less confusing ^^

@Gargron no, we Germans use the same one. Actually 1d etc. are standardized AFAIK.

Even though some may not recall some…

frag doch mal den H1.
Viele Grüße vom p@ric

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