Glad to report that the Mastodon Server Covenant works as a deterrent :thinkhappy:

@Gargron While the outcome is positive in this case I‘m still angry that they didn’t get how the fediverse works.

@Gargron 'course it does, last time nazis found a covenant it burned their faces off

@MacroDeSatire @gargron What snowflakes. Running away because someone said some words they don't like.

@Gargron If they need help to understand "all the -ism’s and -phobia’s", it is better that they stay out

@Gargron I refuse to agree to this voluntary thing that I didn't want to agree to in the first place.

Interesting that they view "free speech" as "free from consequences".

@Hasufin speech is never free from consequences

that's the whole point of speaking

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