Basque, Catalan, German, and Greek translations are now at 100% complete (but still need proofreading!)

Corsican, Czech, Dutch, French, Galician, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Welsh are very close to being complete

@catgoat Yeah ;) % in Crowdin is a bit crazy. I think that it is a word based % rather than a string percentage % :)
@Sig @spoonfayse

@ButterflyOfFire @Sig @spoonfayse mostly was pointing out since they both speak Finnish and English :)

@Gargron There is no way to differentiate between european Million and Milliard in one character

@hellcp Okay I have relaxed the limit but mind where this is going to be displayed

@Gargron I am very much mindful, I dropped a dot that "should" be there according to polish rules just to fit the 3 letters ;)

@hellcp @Gargron I decided to go with the metric system prefixes for that, so that billion/milliard is G, trillion/billion is T, and so on

@ADR @Gargron I don't disagree with that, but I kind of want that to be easily readable by anybody :/

@snder @Gargron There's suggestions for all of them I think. Does upvoting help?

@hiemstra @Gargron It's missing glossary entries, not string translations, I think.

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