Blog post on everything Tusky and rickrolling, a one-stop-shop of all of my rebuttals against the common arguments I've seen over the past week or so.


@cj I think that rickrolling is suboptimal compared to an error message.

a) It is not impossible that unknowing people will be mislead into signing up on Gab, and there have been cases of people signing up on Gab to spy on the extremists. So you might annoy the wrong people.

b) A rickroll does not communicate that something is wrong with Gab or hateful ideologies. It is a non-educational message. If you play a ContraPoints video it'll do more good.

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@Gargron I think "You might annoy the wrong people" argument is super weak. The majority of people signing into Gab aren't spies, they're actual extremists. And I personally don't think there is a moral obligation to treat them and their genocidal views seriously.

I think Tusky is looking to redirect to a de-radicalization website/organization instead of the temporary rickroll, though. I don't know much, maybe @maloki can elaborate more.

@maloki Hi! Is the long term plan to keep the rickroll or to redirect to a de-radicalization site? I seem to remember an idea about the latter. Which website / organization was being considered? I think it'd be a really cool partnership opportunity for both the Tusky project and a nonprofit.

@Gargron +1 for playing a contrapoints video to anyone trying to sign into gab.

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