Working on releasing another small patch release soon

@Gargron oh hell yeah audio uploads! do the audio files get added as a media enclosure to the rss feed of a user? so we can add a masto profile to a podcast reader for an instant user podcast!

@inditoot well that will def be set by the configuration file and will surely be changed by many instances.

@inditoot misskey and pleroma both support full audio uploads.

@inditoot I hope this means that federation will now work between all three for audio regardless of instance limits.

@Gargron Wow audio uploads! Just tested it on my test account on, but unfortunately I get this error:

Validation failed: File has contents that are not what they are reported to be

@Gargron Oh yes sorry. It where MP3's. I tried a few of them from different sources.

@jeroenpraat Odd. Works for me. Such errors usually come when your browser reports the mime type for the file wrongly. For example, if it was an .ogg file, and your browser claims it's video/ogg, it won't work, because it expects audio/ogg.

@Gargron I just had a file that worked.

It is has 191 kbps bitrate and I encoded this one a long time ago (I suspect a variable bitrate). But most others won't work. I will try it with Chromium, instead of Firefox.

@Gargron I also tried ogg files, and they also give the same error (Firefox and Chromium).

@Gargron Update!

I just upgraded And now all MP3's will upload successfully (on!

But still no OGG 😞 (but no wwith a '422 Validation failed: File content type is invalid, File is invalid)

FLAC and WAV work.

The subdomain block was a much needed feature. Thanks, Eugen.

Thanks! :blobthumbsup:

BTW, :blobthinking: there's a lot of talk around about how the current protocol is inadequate.

Have you done any research on white/greylisting?

(For example, greylist all instances that have at least 70% of your bad domains blocked; suggest those with 95% for whitelist, and so on - and of course, what implications should greylisting have on follows, boosts and toots?)

I think it's time to start considering this.

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