@Gargron time to add encrypted private messaging to Mastodon? 😂

@Gargron I support strong encryption. Let's PREVENT those WANKERS at NSA and the British Spy Agency GCHQ from reading my love letters... or my plan for VIOLET OVERGROW!

OK, everybody over here in the US, it's time to get that beat up "this shirt is a munition" out of storage for another go-round.

Also, this is NOT a move that will please the stereotypical resident of the red states. Could be an opportunity come 2020.

Also, what's with the bit where US citizens aren't allowed to BREAK encryption so that, e.g. the ebooks we bought keep working, but we also aren't allowed to HAVE encryption so that, e.g. what we say to our traveling partner stays private? Pick one or the other, elected officials, or [more] people are going to realize that the surveillance state is only here for the benefit of big business.

@Gargron that's crazy! Here's hoping that they don't pass anything like this!

Try actually paying attention to the obvious warning signs.

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