Been working on a spam check system the past few days

@Gargron will this finally be able to terminate mickey mouse once and for all

@dev_ponies @Gargron what's Mickey Mouse? Should I be glad I haven't run across it yet?

@silvershovel @Gargron yes, it's some person that goes and spams some annoying sexist website on every instance it can find and it highlights pretty much anyone it sees in that instance's federated timeline

@dev_ponies sounds like it would be really hard to avoid that on a user level unless the servers had some kind of anti spam measure, good to hear

As if I needed another reason to be wary of the icon of the biggest movie media corporation

@Gargron And does this spam check involve an annoying "select all traffic lights" for the next ten minutes and making Tor Browser impossible to use? Because if so, I guess we had a good run.

@Gargron I thought this post said "spell check" and I got really concerned for a second that you were reimplementing browser functionality.

@Gargron This is a good start, and a good bare minimum spam which Mastodon should autodetect, I think. I'll have to post my thoughts on GitHub when I get back from lunch.

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