I see the #Gab federation as absolute win.
Predicting the future:
- Gab finally switches to their Mastodon fork
- some Gab users switch to their own hosting, as Gab source code must be open since Mastodon is on a strong copyleft license (AGPL-3.0), so they have Pro features for free/much cheaper
- Gab.com dies, as their financing doesn't work anymore, but the source code is again forked by someone and it's a good contribution to fediverse, some improvements even get commited back to Mastodon

@rnickson they're taking away Mastodon.social's censorship on the federated feed, which has been a problem for many for a long time. I didn't expect that situation to last. If it wasn't Gab, it would have been somebody else.
Gab tweets indicated they plan to make money off hosting Mastodon-Gab servers.

@fossviking @rnickson "They're taking away Mastodon.social's censorship on the federated feed"

Wanna explain what you think you mean by that?

@Gargron @rnickson they're joining Purism's hands-off approach. the one you said on May 7 that you disagreed with.

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