Milestone reached: Made the kind of people who read breitbart upset enough that breitbart made an article about it

Well we're really in the culture wars now i guess :P

This is the activitypub federated protocol. Not as random or clumsy as a distributed hash table. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

@Gargron nice work! Not sure I made it in Breitbart yet, but I had an article about me on InforWars once.

@red @Gargron it's so weird to see "racism", "white people", and "nazis" mentioned in the same sentence and somehow they're not all talking about the same thing

@ben @Gargron i have never read a breitbart article before but i assume the writers warm up by screaming at a sheet of drywall until the blood vessels in their eyes burst, and then bang out as many paragraphs as possible before they stop hyperventilating

@red @Gargron there's someone in the comments saying that nazi arguments are never acceptable and therefore censorship is always an admission of defeat

which makes sense if you don't read the post at all and instead read a different post that makes sense

@ben @Gargron oh god somehow i never pondered that breitbart articles would have comments sections

like of course they would, but wow

wow wow i just felt a chill across my soul

@ben @Gargron
I switched from "sort by newest" to "sort by best", and all the comments disappeared :-)

@red @Gargron damn. i want to be famous for my racist posts about white people

@Gargron you've hit the big time now. congrats and condolences.

congrats and i hope you have developed a thick skin or a way to deal with everything through other people.

@Gargron Discovered this because of it, they dislike you, but gave free advertising.


What is so hard about this concept? Ignore your base Eugen, they're creating this problem

@feld @Gargron @PsyChuan Or we could, you know, actively work to keep Gab separated from the broader Fediverse, which requires actively thinking about and doing something about Gab. That’s an option. Have you considered it?

@Gargron breitbart can get fucked and everything you do to make them mad is a good and excellent thing you should be proud of

@Gargron Headline: "Free-association Platform Works As Intended. Horrible People Offended."

@Gargron that's great, I'm proud of you, son (btw I am also your dad now)

@Gargron They should stop being fragile snowflakes and accept that some people will disagree with them etc etc.

@Gargron congrats!

You are on the right side of this, really, and you’re not alone. Ravelry has also dealt with, in an analogous but different way, kicking nazis to the curb recently.

Keep up the good work.

@Gargron nice work! It’s good to see them acknowledge that deplatforming works.

@Gargron Does someone have a link of their article ?

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