Which name do you like more for a Mastodon streaming API high-performance binary?

I'm sad nam-skeh-did (Icelandic for "stream") is not winning

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the first one sounds cute, idk how to say the second one and it seems confusing

@Gargron Post a poll with a random Icelandic option, and you give me no choice.

Post a poll with two random Icelandic options and I'll be forced to create another Fedi account.


@Gargron mostly because I have an actual chance of pronouncing it.

@Gargron I like the idea of the non-Tootstrom name but I can't read it or imagine how to pronounce it. It looks like icelandic.

@Gargron I barely can pronounce english, Icelandic is out of my capabilities

@Gargron Uhm... that is not what that word means. Someone was pulling your leg.

Námskeiðið means the course (or class), as in "the Icelandic course".

Pronunciation: Nowm skay thith.

(skay like play, thith like sith with a lisp).

@HerraBRE Ah. Well, that's not too bad either. What would be Icelandic for stream (of water)?

@Gargron We have a lot of words for streams of water. We have a lot of water.

A few, sorted in ascending order by liters/sec:


Also related:

straumur = current
gusa = splash
uppspretta = spring
flóð = flood
flóðgátt = floodgate

... the last one would be a tempting choice, because gátt is also used in the context of online services in general. Fitting for a firehose-style API (server side).

@HerraBRE @Gargron But wouldn't a floodgate be sort of the opposite (holding back the water)? I would root for "flod" or "fljot", it's short and springy?

@arx @Gargron Sure, it holds back the flood - until you open it. It's not just a dam for a reason! 😁

@Gargron "nowm scathe ith".

(I am a linguist, I have therefore literally no idea how to write things to convey pronunciation except by using the IPA, but that's my best try.)

@wlonk You can write IPA to me, I understand a little bit!

@Gargron I'll be honest I have no idea what the second one means it just looks rad

@Gargron I read the first one as "Tootstorm" and now I want that to be a thng.

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