Yeah I'm not sure about that takeaway, Vice. The biggest node on the Mastodon network is actually my ass

Vice is trash.

I've had to kick their reporters out of IRC for literally trying to incite shit.

@gargron call them out, it's bullshit and if they didn't even try talking to you, poor journalism.

@Mainebot They reached out for a general comment, and they're quoting our response in the article, but they never asked us to assess whether Gab is actually the biggest node, or how meaningful it is vs. active user numbers

@gargron then clarify that point with them, because its disingenuous reporting.

It's vice. Be happy they took a break from doing hard drugs and "reporting" about it.

@Gargron @Mainebot /api/v1/instance should stop reporting the number of users.

@Gargron well, another shitty article, another journey of PR crisis management

@Gargron also like pretty sure bot inflated and alts or dead accounts but hey, big numbers!!1

@Gargron ah, being "technically correct, from a certain point of view".... the best kind of correct

@Gargron brb making an instance that reports the current world population as its member count

@ben @gargron

brb making an instance that keeps a running total of every virtual particle in the visible universe as its member count

@Gargron tbh, just leave it. Hardly anyone cares about what Vice says nowadays. The company is going down anyway.

@Gargron A reverse of the norm. Usually it's PORN that takes over a new technology 😉

@Gargron Next time they ask you for comment, just take a deep breath and be like:

"Hey. Can we get real here? You work for VICE. Are you okay, honey????"

@Gargron The writer of the article is Ben Makuch, a national security reporter and the host of Cyberwar. The "Nazi vs Twitter" paradigm is either dying down or people are desensitized and they're just trying to rekindle old controversy because it's cheaper to do than actual [new]s reporting. Vice has investors from FOX and other large networks. Networks like Vice also utilize Twitter and Reddit to promote and if people are leaving Twitter or Mastodon, that's a big $$$ problem for them.

@Gargron it's almost as if vice is a bullshit outlet for news that's full of really bad takes and misinformation for the sake of riling people up

@Gargron I wonder why /api/v1/instance/peers and /api/v1/instance/activity are blank... It can't be because they don't want someone to see that all the numbers are fake, can it?

@Gargron I really want to see "The biggest node on the Mastodon network is actually my ass" quoted on, like, Gizmodo and Ars Technica. Can we make this happen?

@Gargron I'm gonna get in with the memes while the getting's still good:

* The biggest node on Mastodon is the friends we made along the way
* jiggest node (jean biggest node)
* viral: biggest node on Mastodon / spiral: biggest oat on Mastodon


@Gargron Accepting the word of Nazis about their membership numbers is like accepting the word of Trump about his inauguration crowd.

Actually, those two things are so much alike, I'm not sure that counts as a simile instead of just a tautology.

@whiskeysailor @ben @Frinkeldoodle @gargron I clicked on this expecting to read about clown cars and now I'm sad that there is no such article :blobsad:

@Gargron I'm glad they're in the mastodon network and not the fediverse. :blobthumbsup:

@Gargron Vice has been a pro-establishment trash pile for quite a time now, this feels totally a deliberate strategy to discredit ''alternatives'' and to pile in ''the left'' together with the right.

@Gargron media stream journalism is fucking dead to me, I moved to Mastodon from twitter because people of the alt-right managed to have twitter permanently banned me, Mastodon is one of the most welcoming and the most anti-far right platform I have ever been on, so stfu Vice

@Gargron The largest node in the Mastodon network is actually your hypocrisy.

@dsteve ¿Pero ke ase, loko? Este señor no anda sobrado de sentido del humor :blobpats:

@Shaim82 no me preocupa,pero lo que paso con GNU social me tocs mucho los pinrreles...


Woaw Vice, that's… so grossly inexact and misleading. The concept of “Home” in a federated network is difficult to grasp…

it means gab is the biggest fsn?

it doesn't mean it's the biggest mastodon node?

you are saying different things

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