Healyn thought that Devin Townsend sounded like a Christian rock singer, and where did that lead him?

Healyn hasn't even heard this (but you should): Devin Townsend Project - Angel

@violet @Gargron

at least let us know where the body is. for closure. and one final roasting.

@Gargron gospell gospel and folk rock are practically the same thing. Well, actually theres two kinds of gospel, the kind where they clap on the up beat and the kind where they clap in the down beat, and folk rock is the first one.

@Gargron Okay. I've been mean to the gargron lately so since he likes music let me be nice and share the greatest song, from the greatest rock opera, he has never heard, from a time before there was a gargron.


in his defense, i became concerned when i heard the lyrics for "Kingdom".

"oh crap, he's joined the jeezoids."

but that's one part of it, a lot of our languages have developed under heavy influence from the church which basically owned everyone's asses for several centuries. So there are some concepts around emotion, spirituality, etc. that are very hard (impossible?) to express without religious (or at the very least religious sounding) lyrical content. And a lot of Devin's stuff is very emotionally heavy. Both the soft and the aggressive this things.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Gargron
And Kingdom is super on spot with regards to that. It's basically a few minutes worth of goosebumps and teary eyes at heavy decibels.

Full disclosure: I fucking love Kingdom and am obviously a die hard Devy fan, everything SYL to Empath.

@Gargron it sounds like Healyn needs some Strapping Young Lad treatment :')

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