If you are using Toot! or Mast on iOS please do consider leaving them positive reviews to counter-act trolls!

Does anyone know if the apple store allows people to report unhelpful spam reviews?

@maloki Yes, a long tap on the review in their app brings up a menu where you choose to mark it as helpful or unhelpful, or to report an issue (because the review is spam, because it’s unrelated, because it’s offensive, or for other reasons). But I’ve never tried it so far, so I don’t know how effective it is.

@vanyok @bolvary The free ones aren't very well maintained. I don't know when was the last time Amaroq was updated. Tootdon is no longer maintained either.

@vanyok @Gargron @bolvary @eurasierboy True, true, but there are less iOS developers on the market who are into objective-c and willing to maintains iOS client like Amaroq.

@ruta @vanyok @Gargron @bolvary that’s true, but even if it were written in Swift I’m doubtful it would get more support.

If I somehow conjure some time, I do consider rewriting Amaroq in Swift with iOS13 goodies in mind, but... I don’t have a good track record at maintaining the motivation for that kind of lift.

@eurasierboy @vanyok @Gargron @bolvary I was thinking about it. If SwiftUI turns out to be good after all, then perhaps I'll give it a shot.

@shin @bolvary @vanyok Hm, yes, that anti-free mentality that puts out AGPLv3 FOSS software that gives people complete independence from central authority and the freedom to choose who to associate with

@shin @bolvary @vanyok That's a very elaborate way of saying that you are wrong, sweaty

@Gargron I also suggest reporting the reviews as supporting white supremacy. Maybe they'll get the idea and act.

@tewha @Gargron Is it possible for users to report app reviews? I don't see any option to do so in the App Store.

@shadowfacts @Gargron Yeah, I think I just held? In a chat so can't check right now. Will in a minute.

@tewha @Gargron Ah, you can report the ones that are shown in the single row on the app page, but but not the ones under See All. Tapping and holding on those doesn't do anything (at least on iOS 13)

@Gargron I mean no offense, and am not on iOS at all, but isn't it more accurate to say: "please consider leaving them reviews to counteract trolls" ?

I would personally never let the positivity of my own reviews be influenced by whether a shitstorm of negative trolls have passed by the same place.

Masses of honest reviews always help correct the statistics though

@Gargron Not using those, but Tusky. Maybe I can convince my wife to use Toot... 🐘

@Gargron @magicalmilly Toot! Is my precious precious baby and I will eliminate the wrongdoers

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