Soon the single-column UI will scroll the whole page instead of only allowing scroll in the middle

@Gargron Nice, BTW Can we just remove private tools from home timeline please? It's just spams the timeline.

@Gargron I like the 3 columns, tbh. :toot: But, really, anything is better than Twitter.

Sweeet i was actually feeling like it was needed since most sites let you do that so mastodon was messing up my vibe 😝

@Gargron Another vote for allowing the scroll. Or... here's an idea: break from the mold, and give us options! It's a database, so why not offer different layouts that we can choose, showing and hiding interface as it suits our needs and understanding?

@eliothochberg @Gargron because options add complexity and make maintenance harder.

@kudos @Gargron While that is certainly true, I think it's an unnecessary limitation, as pretty much any feature would add equivalent complexity. Seems to me that rather than follow the model of FB and Twitter, someone should make a simple communication platform that is open to allowing interaction with different interfaces. This platform could be that. All you need is a reliable database and hooks to grab.

@eliothochberg @kudos I don't know what you two are discussing. I announced that the single-column UI will support the whole page scrolling rather than only in the middle.

@Gargron @kudos I'm saying I don't want that change, much like I didn't like the myriad of changes Facebook did to its interface.

However, it seems like it isn't necessary to do either/or.

@kudos @Gargron The way it's presented doesn't have to be fixed unless you insist on it.

In this case, I happen to like that the center section scrolls, and the rest doesn't. However, it seems like it wouldn't be that challenging to make it a thematic or optional toggle. But maybe it can be on other servers.

@eliothochberg @kudos It'll look and act exactly the same except that the mouse cursor doesn't need to be positioned in the middle.

@Gargron @kudos When I read it, it made it sound like the interface would scroll away. Instead, do you mean that if I scroll, it won't matter where the cursor is, the center is the only part that scrolls?

@Gargron @kudos Ah, I see.

Well, I appreciate that, sounds like a good update.

My other point, while no longer probably applicable to this change, still stands. I'm not overly familiar with the Mastodon ecosystem, but I would love a service like this where there was a way to choose the interface I use, with developers making ways to let me hide or emphasize certain features, have my own text sizes and colors, icon sets, etc.

@Gargron @kudos

You mean the general concept of apps, or is there a feature of Mastodon that allows for different interfaces at the choice of the user referred to as apps?

@eliothochberg @kudos Everything is done through an API that any developer can use to make a different interface.

@Gargron @kudos Forgive my ignorance. When I saw "Mobile apps" in the link section, I assumed that was the same as other platforms. That's cool, I like it! Thanks for educating me!

@Gargron Not for style, although I suppose that's fine, but so I can have the content I want where i want it.

@Gargron 👍 +1 for whole-page scroll... better for mouse navigation, and arrow-key scrolling wasn’t working as it does on Pinafore, Twitter, etc.

^ Though I don’t like how Pinafore vertically steps one whole-toot at a time.

@ryantouk @Gargron
Great, one page was a bit weird, I'm happy that will be fixed soon, now that the whole scroll is enabled we can add something more on the side-bar like trending hashtags ;)

@Gargron I currently have master with the latests changes related to the simple page scroll and it is not working on Google Chrome Version 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build), The full page scroll is not displayed. Firefox is working. Is that change production ready?

@Gargron holy shit i didn't even notice this

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