Would it be helpful if before posting a toot you were notified if any of the words you typed were a commonly used hashtag?


It would help with single-word stuff like or but then there's stuff like or or that does not naturally occur as words in text

@Gargron on hashtags, it would be helpful to set a list of default ones in our profiles, e.G. for art accounts # mastoArt; then each time we write a toot, the # is put in the draft

@Gargron In fact „got“ *does* naturally occur as a word in text but usually doesn’t mean #got.

@Gargron Yes and no. I think it will have a high risk of using nothing but hashtags then, which is super annoying. Ability to opt-out and limit the amount of hashtags per toot, then it might be ok.

@tapaniraja @Gargron Yeah, more than three hashtags is feels like overkill to me. I rarely use more than one and prefer to use none.

@jamesgecko @Gargron Few hashtags are OK when you may want to spark a conversation. But otherwise I don't see the point. Like this:

"Finally on vacation! ".

@Gargron i feel like 'got' is actually a fairly common word (and it's got no relation to its use as a hashtag, so it might cause misfirings like that)

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