Follow is updated to latest master! New user-facing things:

You can load more search results, you can use "phrase match" in search and exclude words or phrases by prepending a minus; new users see a minimal UI and are able to change their e-mail before confirming e-mail/getting approved; autosuggestions for hashtags show up and show how much each tag has been used in the past week; probably other stuff I forgot

Other: is also now no longer compatible with OStatus

Okay, remembering the other stuff now. The single-column UI now scrolls regardless of where your mouse cursor is. "Hide everything from" a domain now clears out your notifications. You now have the option to get a clickable "x new items" in the timelines instead of stuff streaming in live.

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@Gargron As do PgUp/PgDown. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

@Gargron That scrolling-anywhere change is so nice, it really makes a surprisingly big difference. 👍

@Gargron the slowmode is so great. it does seem like i can't jump back to the top by hitting the home/federated button now

@gargron here's hoping that the removal of OStatus is the incentive needed to get GNUSocial to adopt ActivityPub.

@gargron (Though I'm sure they'll breathe a sigh of relief that those pesky Mastodon folks aren't polluting their spaces) 😁

@Thib yes, it is, sorry for the late reply. It's on a 21:9 screen, in portrait mode. @Gargron

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