Nginx is pronounced:

@Gargron I've met a bunch of Nginx Inc staff. They pronounce it "Engine X".

@Gargron Can I just call you Engine X since I think I've butchered your first name pronunciation on every podcast I've done?

@sikkdays @Gargron its just oy-gen! like how euler is pronounced like oiler!

@anna @sikkdays @Gargron Oh yeah he's German, I was pronouncing it as a truncated "Eugene" all this time...

@Gargron actually the correct is "engine x", but i like to pronounce it like "enginix"

@Gargron the second one is exclusively reserved for when im disappointed in needing to see pokémon #124

@didnt1able @Gargron I see, so is this an attempt to settle an argument? 🙂

@hamishtpb @Gargron no just my opinion, I could be saying it wrong and not know. But I like the way it rolls off the tongue.

@Gargron /ŋɪŋks/

End of 'king' + end of 'thinks'. Nginks.

@Gargron ugh, I didn't realize nginx and engine-x were the same thing until I'd used nginx for months 🤦‍♀️

meta joke, paradox 

Including you, of course! 😜

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