Trending hashtags return! A hashtag must be reviewed by moderators before it is possible for it to appear here. Moderators can also fix the hashtag's casing to make it more readable, for example by changing "ocs" to "OCs"


@Gargron still tentatively wary in that spambots and bad actors can now attach trending tags to get more visibility... but maybe that's fine bc we have actual human mods and a working report system?

@trwnh No trending hashtag has more reach than the plain old public timeline

@Gargron it has more reach bc people are more willing to view a tag than a firehose

@trwnh Historically, this was not the case, but we'll see. Anything that appears under a tag appears on the public timeline anyway.

@Gargron yeah like i said, i'm tentatively wary. but in either case the tag tl provides additional surface area, because the bad actor's post now appears in the public tl *and* the tag tl.

- without trends, bad actors can attach hashtags but they don't know which ones will actually be searched for
- with trends they know exactly which ones to add to maximize views

@Gargron hopefully it's fine due to mods/reports but this is still an open vector for bad actors and they can receive exposure in the interval before mods have a chance to react

@Gargron Thank you so much 👍 I really liked the feature when it was first announced and was very sad that it got removed again for the stable release.I can't wait to integrate that into Halcyon 😃

@Gargron finally
Now make a setting for viewing other people's favourited toots on the timeline :breathe:

@Gargron wow, I like how the desktop design improved lately, it looks so great now, I'll really like to have the trending hashtag on the go, also on mobile version.

@diggita @Gargron Not sure i'm seeing that UI including trending tags on yet. Do I need to do anything other than a full reload?

@Tchambers @diggita They hide if there's not enough vertical space, for example. Otherwise, no, just a refresh.

@Gargron @diggita cool: that was it. Is there a way to view top 20 trending or more?

(I didn't find this feature in the mobile version of the site, but...)
Should it not have an asterisk pointing to a note? Something like "After moderation approval"?
Because there are people, especially younger ones, who think that "trends", in , etc, are real, and not polished results, intended to make those services look good. Sometimes even completely manipulated results, for political reasons. (to be continued)

A more "harmless"(?) demonstration of the issue: you'll never find words like or in those "popular" results. Because, we know, people do not think of all the time...

@Gargron Can an admin just add a hashtag, even if it is not deemed "trending" by the algorithm?
Also regardless, should those be "featured" hashtags, since the process is (in part) manual?

@Gargron Is there a way to turn it off, or at least make it stop updating? Some of us (well, one of us anyway) find it hard to read text when there is motion nearby.

@gamehawk It should only update very rarely. What are you observing?

@Gargron If it doesn't move much then it's okay (currently it's moving less often than my notifications column 😆 (also thank you for that mentions-only option)), but I assumed it was gonna have stuff changing rank, coming and going, etc.

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