Can anyone think of a case where a hashtag with underscores would be meaningfully different from one without? Like, foo_bar and FooBar would clearly be the same.

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@Gargron if we're already case-folding, I don't see how it could hurt

@Gargron the only possibility of that breaking is two underscores in different places

@ben @Gargron I kinda doubt people use underscores to separate words in hashtags, otherwise you'd have the #mans_laughter vs. #manslaughter problem

@Gargron Instead of underscore, would you consider the dash instead? I can't remember who suggested this, but the hashtag writing rules should follow the same as de domain name writing rules. And for some reason, that makes much sense.

@xuv @Gargron i heard somewhere that mastodong discards capitalization in tags which is a good reason to , well, fix that, but also for underscores and hyphens as a workaround

@Gargron You mean a reason socially to use an underscore or programmatically changing the function of a hashtag? If the latter, for example, you could use them to chain hashtags... So that when you click it returns results that contain all terms.

@Gargron how about therapist vs the_rapist? Old snl jeopardy joke but it's the only one I could come up with.



Unsure of context but if search then it would be useful to simply discount case and delimiters (e.g. -, _) and just include sub-string matches (e.g. melon, water)

If too expensive then use a cheap default and allow users to filter with more expensive queries ala (e.g. location, threshold, distance, pattern length)


@Gargron Ease of comprehension for those with a reading difficulty or for whom the language of the tags is not their primary language.

@Gargron if people used markdown emphasis underscores in a hashtag, not sure if anyone actually does though, e.g.

@Gargron I think more people are searching for #therapists and not the other term.

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