Confirm this for me: When typing a username into search or autocomplete, the "exact match" that sometimes pops up is more annoying than helpful?

For example, when I want to mention pacochi and start typing "pac", a user whose username is exactly "pac" pops up right above the "pacochi" suggestion.

I am considering removing that "exact match" behaviour.

@Gargron Confirmed. If I want an exact match then I'm more than likely typing out the whole thing and so won't be using the completion anyway.

Maybe show all the exact matches, but only after the second '@' is typed, so you can quickly get the right one from the instance you want.

@Gargron More annoying, especially when you want to message someone who got the name second (which is rare on here because people just pick another server)

@Gargron maybe deprioritize exact matches unless they are in your follows?

@Gargron It would be preferred if the pop-up prioritizes accounts you follow/follow you, and deprioritizes any accounts that have been [moved]

@ishiku @Gargron accounts that have set the moved banner in settings are already removed from search results


I find it useful because I’m often unclear about spelling. So I’ll be trying to mention pac but am not positive whether its pac or pak or pack but I guessed right the first time. This confirms that for me.

@Gargron Maybe im misunderstanding you but I'm not sure that makes any sense. You want to move more precise matches so less precise ones show up instead?

I see why you might do it (since if you types inthe full name autocomplete isnt needed). But when I do it I use it as a visual confirmation that i didnt misspell the name. So it serves a function to me.

@freemo Account search ranks people you follow higher. But the exact match always takes the first position. It's sourced from a different place.

@Gargron Ahh, personally id prefer exact match near the top.

@freemo I'm not saying that an exact match in the colloquial sense would never show up. Just that it should not be hard-coded to the top

@Gargron Yea I understood. But given my usage pattern I'd personally find that rather annoying. If I type a username I use the matches that pop up as a confirmation im spelling it correctly (as I almost never know how to spell it). So making sure the closest match is at the top, specifically the exact match, would be critical for how I use it. Otherwise if it didnt show up for some reason (or was far down on the list) I might find myself needing to match up the letters one by one. It would be annoying

@gargron what if you're looking for pac though

could "close" results just appear first?

@Gargron i have not found it too annoying. what were you thinking of replacing it with?

In case of me (or unarist), an unrelated person will pop up. Because our name is in a custom emoji.

@Gargron yeah, it's a little annoying. Maybe have it check your follows first? Like when I type larry, I never want to ping the guy who is just named Larry on m.s., it's always to tell to shut up

@sexybenfranklin @Gargron Seconded, it’d be great if it checked your follows first.

@Gargron it's annoying, but I think it's necessary in case you are looking for "pac".

@Gargron algorithms that show me a thing that is requested more often that is sort of similar instead of a thing I actually typed in a search bar piss me off.

I LIKE the exact match popping up, but only after I pause typing.

@Gargron Yep. Almost never is what I’m looking for.

@Gargron Yes, the exact match is quite unhelpful. I mainly draw that opinion from my experience with other quick-suggest boxes I use all the time, like in emacs.

@gargron or maybe show it in second place if you never interacted before?

@Gargron the opposite, i always search "eval" for @eval, and get zunches of other stuff like Evalia display name and EvalCopy handle and stuff with my bot being like 7th

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