Hey users, I've just updated something and I want you to pay attention to the quality of the account search/autocomplete. Please tell me your impressions after a while.

Clarification: Autocomplete appears when typing a new post. It does not appear when typing in the search box. Although the way the results are returned is exactly the same.

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@Gargron I don't see anything in search? If I start typing @Gargron it won't suggest anything until I hit enter, at which point it lists everyone who starts with however far I got before I hit enter.

@Murkrow Search and autocomplete are different functions in the UI. Autocomplete appears when typing a new post.

@Gargron ohh, gotcha. I read it as account (search or autocomplete) not (account search) or (autocomplete), my mistake.

@Gargron searching for a username doesn't seem to surface the results. adding an @ doesn't help. it's not until you add the that it shows the user.

tried searching for "a"

@trwnh Single letter username? I don't think we ever showed suggestions for less than 2 letters?

@Gargron hmm. searching for "trwnh" breaks pagination. clicking "load more" does nothing, so you can only view 6 of the 12 results

@trwnh I think there's only 6 accounts that match that query. Seems correct. I get 11 results in total but remember 4 of them are toots and 1 is a hashtag. It adds up

@Gargron well i get the following 5 results at first

- trwnh (this account)
- (misskey)
- (hubzilla)
- (writeas)
- (test)

clicking "load more" only loads 1 more:

- (test)

accounts that should be appearing but are not:

- (pixelfed)
- (masto)
- (masto)
- (masto, contains/begins with substring "trwnh")

@Gargron fwiw my acp and sleeping accounts are marked as moved-to this one, so that might explain those two (if moved accounts are excluded from search? although idk if they should be)

but the pixelfed and kirakiratter ones are just not showing up at all. and i know the pixelfed one used to show up near the top, too...

@trwnh Yeah, moved accounts are and always have been excluded from search. That's important so that don't obscure the live accounts.

@Gargron ok so that explains those two, but not the other two.

@Gargron for that matter, trying to search for "triggerofsol" doesn't surface "" and searching for "@triggerofsol" gives 0 results

@trwnh Well, it turns out when I fixed the single-letter usernames, I accidentally committed another change that completely removed n-gram search! So no wonder that wasn't popping up. Nothing was! Fixed.

@trwnh All your other accounts show up now as well, it was an artifact of that mistake

@Gargron ok good bc i genuinely forgot how many alts i had set up at one point or another lol

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