Do you notice an improvement of the quality of username autocomplete suggestions when writing posts on compared to yesterday?

Sorry, re-made the poll with better options

@Gargron these polls really need to be instance-specific because I almost voted without even being there lmao

(maybe new status privacy options?)

@espectalll @Gargron I'd love to see a "No vote, show me the results" for polls where I have no valid/relevant opinion but would like to see how others voted.

@gargron have to wonder if there'd be a benefit to having an additional post privacy level that limits it to the local instance only

@Gargron i cannot search anymore with the instance's name :blobugh:

@elthanor What were you looking to find with it before? That's not something that appears very useful to me...

@Gargron So my use case is that I am new to mastodon and I want to find interesting accounts to follow. This most often means that I have to go through accounts in relevant instances (e.g. mastodon art) in order to find accounts of artists that I find interesting. This helps new people become more involved since following accounts is easier and does not depend on knowing the username or coming across the username in a reply or a boost.
Sry for long post 😀

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