"Mr. Mullenweg said his company intends to maintain the existing policy that bans adult content"

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@Gargron They're a pretty good crew; I had no idea they had the capital for this, though. It'll be interesting to see what they do with it.

@Gargron Well, they can't fuck it up worse than Yahoo/Verizon/Oath have

@sanspoint If there's ONE thing I've learned in three decades of online experience it is NEVER GIVE THE BASTARDS A CHALLENGE TO ATTAIN.


@Gargron Honestly? One of the best companies that could have acquired Tumblr. A shame they don't seem interested on improving its policies (yet).

@Almafeta @Gargron At the very least, buying out Wordpress' biggest direct competitor.

@espectalll @Gargron ah, that makes sense. Probably going after Tumblr not for the content but their custom domain+user friendly CMS business.

@Almafeta @Gargron well, and the fact that it still has an userbase, one which has no reason to switch over to Wordpress because it's not even the same thing :blobderpy:

@Almafeta @espectalll @Gargron Ironically, Wordpress, which started as a blogging platform, is now a rubbish blogging platform. Tumblr is still good once you strip away the crappy so-called “improvements” AOL & Yahoo made.

@Gargron "Mr. Mullenweg said his company is committed to the ignorance-driven, Puritan Crusade on adult content"


@ftl0 Because you install the software, on you own webspace and therefore have full control over it and your content.

@Gargron :blobsleepless: let me off this merry-go-round of horrors 🎠😬

@Gargron Matt's quote is important context: "Adult content is not our forte either, and it creates a huge number of potential issues with app stores, payment providers, trust and safety… it’s a problem area best suited for companies fully dedicated to creating a great experience there. I personally have very liberal views on these things, but supporting adult content as a business is very different.”

My take: while not a rescue for that community, this is overall good for Tumblr and the web.

@Gargron Matt's a good egg. We were in the same gang of geeky friends at the start of the century, and while we haven't stayed close, everything I know says he remains a decent human. He was certainly quietly kind and supportive with my big migration to Wordpress.com from Typepad (3500+ posts & over 8000 media files, which his team helped me move). And Automattic does a lot of really important legal work for the web (including amicus briefs).

@metagrrrl @Gargron good is a strong term for it. More like "the stance has gone from hostile to apathetic".

@Calpsotoma My “overall good” refers to the acquisition not to the adult content community.

@Gargron on the plus side, I bet the company who implemented the ban is selling it at a loss.

@kawaiipunk @Gargron not sure what the point of that would be, the one part of tumblr that literally everyone agrees is worthless is its code

@Gargron A better outcome than I was expecting for it.

@Gargron well, at least infrastructure and UI-wise, this is very promising

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