I so often hear the complaint that Mastodon is named after an extinct animal but like, if I named it after coral reefs or the honeybee we'd be having that conversation soon anyway

@Gargron The only name you could have given it that wouldn't have gone away or fallen out of fashion would have been "Hubris"

@Gargron why are you getting so worked up over it, I'm sure it's only a few people that actually care about the name in that context

@Gargron shoulda named it "a big fuckin rock" those things'll never go extinct

@pbandkate The pioneers were riding these babies for miles!

@Gargron that's such a strange complaint. if anything you are keeping the memory of the mastodon alive. long live the mastodon

@Gargron Honestly, this gets toot of the week and it’s only Monday. 🥇

@gargron The state flag of California has a Golden Bear rampant. They hunted that species, and all bears south of Oregon & Idaho, to extinction a century ago.

@Gargron rude that people have a problem with extinct things

@Gargron If only you can rename it to The Borg (Note, not the 'bergs of Facebook) - because "resistance is futile". :)

When I first searched for mastodon (google) most of what I saw was the music band, less so on duckduckgo! I assume no connection?

It's official. Mastodon is now called the The Great Barrier Bee.

I doubt it.

When honeybee become extinct, we will be too ...



@Gargron They complaint because they do not understand the concept behind it. Personally, I like the name.

@Gargron it's not matter of the fact that this animal is extinct, but rather should it be. And in this role it's a perfect reminder. :)

@Gargron There's also a metal band name Mastodon 🙂 But I guess you know this already. Hehe.


Honing that point a little sharper:
Vaquita, Baiji

@Gargron You mean that it wasn't named after metal band?
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