United the media description input and the focal point dialog in a new modal window

@Gargron looks nice! I wonder if it'd be viable to quickly run some simple OCR on the image and offer that as a description?

@noiob Okay, I'm looking at Tesseract.js. Seems like it's possible, I wonder how much it would add to the JS size though!

@noiob It would be cool to have an actual neural net try to label images. Facebook and Google Photos do this to generate alt text. A lot more involved than OCR though...

@Gargron I've seen it on Instagram and it's really not worth it on there, it's all stuff like "image may contain person, text"

@noiob @Gargron I've experimented with aws recognition but well imagine the wad of bills emoji with wings flying from the community to Jeff bezos

@bonzoesc @noiob @Gargron Plus more privacy-conscious folks will find it creepy.

@mkb @noiob @Gargron literally anyone should find asking a huge dod supplier to look closely at their photos creepy

@Gargron @noiob that is generally a Really Expensive operation and even state of the art ones are somewhat mediocre because you have two operations that are hard in a row, image to concept and concept to text (consider - the descriptions aren't even particularly detailed and they are still wrong or useless most of the time)

@halcy @Gargron yeah, and I don't see people complaining about writing image descriptions, I've seen a lot of folks even get a bit creative with it

developer: trains neural net with massive training set
user: uploads picture
neural net: it's a picture

@sorin Hey, tesseract.js tries to load stuff from unpkg by default and I obviously need to self-host everything... Their class takes a script URL for a Worker but I'm not sure how to make it load a local version with webpack? Any ideas?

@Gargron Hey, you probably need to copy the worker script in /static (either manually or via something like copy-webpack-plugin) and then pass that path to the class.

@Gargron Heck that's good. Is there a clear indication that the caption is in the modal? It always bothered me that it's so buried on Twitter.

@annika I'm worried it might become less obvious. I've made it so the buttons are always visible on the uploads rather than on hover only, which might make them more obvious, but the modal itself is behind an "Edit" button.

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