A lot of Mastodon's users joined in August last year, so now is the time of many fediversaries.

You can find your first post on Mastodon by opening your public profile with ?min_id=0 appended to the URL!

@Gargron i'm glad people are learning this instead of @'ing me all the time lmao

@dirt @gargron hey dirt how do i find my old posts like you do

@Gargron That's when I got serious about mastodon! I've been here since less than a month after your hackernews announcement, but I didn't really hang out here a LOT until a year and change ago.

@Gargron wait how'd you know, omg tracking!

just kidding :)
cool feature! And yes, I did yoin Aug 28th last year, it seems. Can I do something special for the mastoversery?

@Gargron it's been a year today for me. Thanks for all the work you do, Eugen! I've had a blast here!

@Gargron I thought I was coming up on 1 year, and noticed it's been almost 2.5! Thanks.

@Gargron So it looks like I started my server on August 16 of last year. Nifty.

@Gargron What happened in August? I don't even remember.

@Gargron like, you realize how stupidly user hostile editing URLs are right? You couldn't just add First / Last links to the user timeline?

@feld @Gargron I didn't even realize this can be done until Gargron posted about it! But still, it's very uncommonly used, so it can be an easter egg.

@Gargron you should add verification of accounts to prevent Spam

@peppone @Gargron he can't really do that, not universally anyway, many fediverse users don't even use mastodon and a particularly common form of spam is just to do it from your own instance


deleted my social account when you silenced bofa.

bofa solidarity ✊

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