Comment by wefarrell on HN on an article about FB/Twitter thinking about removing likes:

"Hiding the number of likes makes their algorithm less transparent. Removing transparency makes it harder to distinguish between paid content."

Never thought of it that way, but it makes sense 🤔

@Gargron Well they legally have to mark paid psts as sponsored. So not sure it really helps them in that goal

@Gargron The solution is kindda obvious, remove the algorithm too

@Gargron are likes helpful apart from advertising revenue metrics?

@mbspringer @Gargron that depends on the audience.
Given a relatively "mature" userbase, you can see likes as a quality meter for posts.
If a toot has a lot of likes, you know theres is something of importance/significance in it. this data can be useful for for example a scraping program trying to make sense of the data.

@Gargron, that's wonderful news for Mastodon...just keep doing the opposite! (just add a new metric: "smart" a little 'brain' icon - toots that make us smarter). Perfect.

@Gargron also prevents them having to show something is "trending" and removes people being encouraged for THEIR ideas from other people/friends.

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