I feel like I should follow more people. Convince me to follow you? Especially if you're new to Mastodon!


hard mode: convince him without showing him your cat

@root @Gargron I’m pretty sure I convinced him by making him follow #666

- I'm the clout Baron
- I'm the clout Baron
- I'm the clout Baron

@gargron why did I boost this you already ahve two million followers

@Gargron I’m not new at at all, and you don’t follow me. What’s one have to do? I’m a good boy. I don’t cause no trouble. Why don’t you love meeee?

@Gargron Eugen if you follow me you will never have to ask yourself what movie you should watch ever again, plus you follow a bunch of my friends.

@Gargron Follow me please! I have:

Says "Mew Mew" a lot (probably too much)
Stale memes
Pictures of cute anime girls and serval cats

@gargron I Post about music a lot so you might learn about new songs you like!

@Gargron hmmmm stay following me because I’m cute and care about you?

@Pixley I want to broaden my horizons by following Hans from Stuttgart who talks about Linux

@Pixley @Gargron I’m glad we are on the same page Karen

@Gargron sign up for a free trial of shitposts and esoterica then decide if you wanna cancel your subscription and/or me

@Gargron i boost a lot of dumb shit and yell about programming if that's what you're into

@Gargron following us will do nothing but cause hardship to you, so you should do it.

@Gargron don’t follow me eugen when you followed my other account i made you look at porn quizzes and a furry dildo site

@Gargron New to what now?? And who are you?? 😆

Just another web dev seeking asylum here. Currently work at Microsoft, just migrated to Linux and loving it.

@Gargron I've only been here for a month and am already plaguing the site with my Electronic Music Nonsense™, and while I don't have any cats (I understand that's a big plus), I could??? potentially make music about cats?? My music is entirely instrumental, so I guess you'd have to take my word on it?

Some kind of ED-mleM?

@Gargron you used to follow me, and I probably stopped doing whatever you stopped following me for. Unless it’s prolific self boosting. Because I still do that. But my dog is cute

@Gargron follow me for ramblings about Buddhism, communism, and whatever I’m reading and playing at the moment.

@Gargron follow me i am just another anime pfp user who writes (bad) python, locks himself out of his servers and post stolen memes from birdiesite

@Gargron follow me Eugen, I'm old and boring and I bake cookies

@Gargron I explained what "bofa" was to you that one time and I wasn't a jerk about it

@Gargron you should follow me because I've stuck around long enough on dot social that it's a bit now

@Gargron I post cat pictures.

I don't really care if you follow me, but have a look at my cat anyway. :)

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