@Gargron Ohhh a 3.0 is on the way huh? I guess you dont use semantic versioning, or do you? Must be something major!

Anything new that's backwards incompatible triggers a major version bump according to semantic version ing, right?


Yes in SemVer the Major version bumps anytime there are non-backwards compatible API changes. Minor version bumps whenever new features are added. Patch version bumps whenever there are bug fixes.

It also allows for extra versioning info after the main x.y.z version like x.y.z-beta-2 is ok and has special rules too.



Oh nice! So some backwards-incompatible changes in3.0 on the way huh? Any list on what breaks in 3.0 yet?


@freemo @stevenroose OStatus removal, removal of previously deprecated REST APIs.


Thanks, OStatus is slightly concerning if there are any tools out there that rely on it. But overall i dont think there will be much negative impact from any of that.



Oh no, is that true! That will be a deal breaker for #QOTO if that is the case. Might prevent us from upgrading.

@Gargron @stevenroose

@Gargron Wow, I had no idea about flodgatt! That sounds really cool. :) One thing that might help drive adoption is to make it clear for potential self hosters of servers (main-odon or flodgatt) what the resource demands are.
@Gargron That way it's easy to see like, ah, 1-20 users would fit on an X digital ocean / ec2 server, 200 users would... etc. It took me a while to figure out that mastodon was heavier-duty than I wanted for a ~single-user instance.
@Gargron (I am still hoping to switch eventually bcuz of the amazing front-end work!)

@Gargron Will #Mastodon 3 support elasticsearch 7.x ?

It can be used in some way (a nginx.conf for es7) now. But it doesn't feel elegant enough. :tz002:

Or is elasticsearch 6.x still the preferred scheme?

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