Heya! I'd like some feedback on the sign-up experience from new users!

Did you find it intuitive? Was it helpful that you were logged-in right away and had the ability to correct your e-mail or password in case of mistakes? Was it clear that an e-mail confirmation was needed before the account would be usable?

Okay, here are some changes based on the feedback. Easier to find "resend confirmation e-mail" function, and more helpful tips on the account deletion page, along with some bugfixes.

@Gargron Hi it was fast and easy. Auto-Login part is also good but you can post-pone email validation and remind it later to user. Login form can be enhanced to get email and username for login. Thanks

@Gargron Not the fault of the signup system, but an FYI, it would be lovely to somehow handle lost/blocked emails to register.
I first signed up under my main name (dissy) and the confirm email never showed up, even in junk mail.
Being not confirmed, I couldn't even do a resend or password reset request.
As my email was used already, had to both pick a different username and use a plus-email to even get this far.
and no way to verify for you that other me is really me, to ask for a delete.

@Gargron I can say the logged in right away part is very nice. At least my browser saved the generated password for the account prior to email confirm.
Had the same problem happened again, I could at least use that to prove it was me

@Gargron literally signed up yesterday and yeah, it was really easy

almost thought I did something wrong it was so simple lol

@Gargron I signed up one to two weeks ago and found the process intuitive. I liked being logged in right away but didn't notice that I could correct the email and password (didn't need to I guess). The email confirmation was clear and intuitive too.

No proplems. The sign-up is better (easy and fast) than facebook or twitter.

why ask people what they think when they get ignored anyway

@Gargron there's a sign-up problem on mac os keychain: after registering with safari and storing username & password on OSX keychain, I can't use it for login after clicking the email confirmation because the keychain is storing the username instead the email.
So this is causing an error and create confusion on the new mac users.

@Gargron the same problem happen on chrome too, at registration it stores the username on password manager instead the email.
I mean a lot of not tech savvy users could have problems and it'll be annoying having an error message on login because of that.

@Gargron I am a totally new user and the sign up was straight forward. I did not know I had the ability to correct my email or password but was not looking. Email confirmation was clear that it was needed. I hope that's useful.

@Gargron I signed up recently and I found it to be pretty easy. I’m not sure why there are multiple apps for Mastodon though. That was interesting.

@Gargron I'm new and it all worked flawlessly for me. I was surprised how uncomplicated it was. I fully expected the confirmation email and that worked like a champ.

@Gargron I found signup was very easy and intuitative. The it issue I had was based on my inexperience with the platform, I found myself on a server I would not have joined had I known the nature of the platform... That said I was too quick and did not do my due diligence.

@Gargron yes, it's pretty clear what you're supposed to do in order to sign in.

@Gargron yes, intuitive and user friendly. Very grateful for this platform.

@Gargron was simple enough to use.
Intuitive, yes.
Login rightaway, yes helpful.
clear that an e-mail confirmation needed, yes.

Registered on a small screen phone, graphics clear and text readable.

@Gargron I just signed up today and had no issues. It was quick and painless. 👍

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