@Gargron yes please! This would make me so happy to have all of my Mastodon apps plus the website syncing my last timeline location.

@Gargron Love when developers work on very small and specific commits that add huge convenience to the end users, and other devs as well in this case.

@drown @Gargron It would be cool if there was an award for "Most amount of joy gained from a small commit"

@ripp_ @Gargron Totally doable, it's like a "This affects me", but in a positive way.

@Gargron I don't know if that's a great idea.Yes,it will help some people and from a user standpoint,I really like it.But from a developer standpoint when it comes to performance,I don't think it's great.It will cause a huge amount of additional API requests as every read post has to be sent to the server.I will very likely implement that in Halcyon but anyway I think it could possibly overload some Mastodon servers 😕

@Gargron +1. Pinafore.social remembering my timeline position no matter what is my favorite feature.

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