My dream for Mastodon is for it to be a viable choice as a publishing platform for any creator. In other words, for people to not feel like they're locked in to Twitter or Instagram if they want to be professionally successful.


How is a "viable publishing platform" when we can only post about 88 words?

@hhardy01 @Gargron This is true but Twitter did worse for years and now is a big player.

@Gargron There is a lot of social work to be deone to make that happen but i agree

@Gargron Not that I wouldn't like that, but how does this go together with it being ad-free and not selling user data to give (part) of that profit to the creators?
"Professionally" means they need to make money from it and I don't see how Mastodon could rival e.g. YouTube for that.

@Chaos_99 Creators make money by selling their work, not by ads. Be it their Patreon, Ko-fi, their art prints or bandcamp, CDs, you name it. The prerequisite is audience (and reach). Audience and reach are the platform's responsibility.

@Gargron @Chaos_99 I whole heartedly agree with this. I feel like Mastodon has the platform mostly down now. Some aspects of reaching a following and the whole "explore" functionality the other platforms have is still a little unclear to me how it would work here. Possibly this is something that still needs improvement?! I haven't checked the GH issues and open PRs to see if there has been discussion on it yet.

@Chaos_99 @Gargron
I believe this goes together quite well.
Being a proffecional means to be willing to do things for free to open opertunities to get paid. My motivation is to help others in any way I can.
I do believe that there is a place for good conversation.. Every media is different. Our goal should not be to beat each other but to cooperate to make it work for everyone.

@Chaos_99 @Gargron also, some creators choose to license their work under Creative Commons Non-Commercial license, and do not accept ad placement on their work. this is a model outside of profit-driven consumer capitalism though.

as a creator in this situation, though we do have our own independent website, it does feel as though our group is somewhat "locked in" to these platforms (Twitter, Insta, Fedbook) that contain a 2:1 ratio of established user base:advertisements/paid promotions.

@Chaos_99 @Gargron Maybe they could go the Behance route and license the rights to use the published stuff to publishers.

@Gargron Who would feel that Twitter or Instagram were necessary for being professionally successful?

@rah @Gargron Virtually the entire industry, every marketing course, blog post, and book, etc.

Source: I work in content creation and marketing industries.

@chartier @Gargron

> Virtually the entire industry

Which industry?

@rah @Gargron In this instance, publishing. But this train of thought applies pretty uniformly across just about any industry that requires reaching an audience.

As much as I despise to say it, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have the largest audiences right now. So that’s where all the advice says to go. 😔

@rah @Gargron I see authors on Twitter saying that they hate the platform but it does seem to help with sales. I'd guess other creatives have seen the same thing with Twitter, Insta, whatever.

@Gargron Sounds in the core more like a rebranding or repositioning of #Mastodon as an Alternative to #Instagram - like @pixelfed .
The real strength of #Twitter is being a dynamic platform for political and social debates.

@Gargron This is the first thing I've read after setting up and logging in to Mastodon for the first time ever, really good first message to see!

@Gargron I'd already use it for that purpose!... if I had anything to publish...

@Gargron Thank you for all of your hard work - Mastodon is a game changer.

@Gargron Almost same as mine... Almost...

My dream for the #Fediverse is for it to be a viable choice as a publishing platform for any creator. In other words, for people to not feel like they're locked in to propietary services as #GAFAM if they want to be professionally successful or simply enjoy real social and connected networks...

@titi @Gargron why are their so many nazis on the fediverse thought?

Hi @ice

I came to Fedi a few years before Mastodon and I have never seen a Nazi in GNUsocial, Mastodon or Pleroma. You should probably choose better your node or admin...


@titi mean thats the theme people call pleroma and gnu social but the real ones i see are on mastodon @Gargron

@ice There are probably everywhere on the Fediverse since the begining. But if they cause trouble, we can just ignore them...


@Gargron I use Twitter to follow scientists, journalists, and activists for their (informed) views. Right now, of all the people I follow on Twitter, only one scientist I follow posts here regularly. I don’t have any ideas on how to encourage people to also post here.

I imagine someone from the community you'd like to see (or yourself even) will have to organize a mastodon instance specifically for that aim and then do the work of community building to get them on there.

I've been doing the same for my friends. The main thing is I don't think getting people to join individually will be as effective as trying to get whole communities to join at once. Otherwise the connections aren't there.

@pootz @Gargron I think it’s more convincing them that the extra time spent posting to Mastodon is worthwhile. There’s no way they’re going to stop posting to Twitter given the current state of affairs, so it represents more work for them. The one scientist I follow here also posts on Twitter.

I don’t think people will abandon Twitter until Mastodon reaches a tipping point for network effects. If someone with a large following on Twitter ditched it and came here, that would jump start it.

@pootz @Gargron More (not all) of the people I follow do have accounts here, but after a few initial toots they stopped tooting.

I don’t think anyone who uses social media for their job (outreach, education) is going to abandon Twitter any time soon. So maybe we need to make it as painless as possible to post in both places?

TL;DR: it’s not community, it’s the size of the audience.

@Gargron For the Instagram use case, we would need to get rid of the clipping of the image in the timeline.

@Gargron I like the sentiment. However, I personally like the idea of keeping things simple. To me that's the power of Instagram. If that app had all the trappings of FB, well then it would be a mess to look at and I would use it less. I feel like Masto is great for micro-blogging and community building, but I wouldn't want to add more clutter. I'd rather see others use ActivityPub to create things compatible with Masto. Letting users decide what's in their timeline.

@Gargron that’s bold, yet I believe 2 problems have to get solved before that becomes feasible.

1- Discoverability, it’s hard to find/follow interesting account on Mastodon

2- Easier way for monetization

@ahyoussef @gargron Twitter is currently one of the most powerful tools available for independent creators, and it doesn't need built in monetization tools to do it.

Creators with large fan bases can monetize in many ways. But social media is pretty much the only good way to get to that point.

@apLundell @Gargron what I meant by easier way to monetize was something like plugins that make it easy for followers to pay or somehow compensate the author.

I understand that Twitter didn’t do that, yet Mastodon is catching up with a huge community with a huge head start 🤷‍♂️

I also feel like it offers a truly important tool for organizing in general. Whether that's small fan communities, political communities or artistic ones like you'd like to see. It's an important project.

A Danish politician recently started a debate on Facebook after he had watched 'the great hack' and wanted to leave Facebook. I recommended Mastodon, naturally, but I doubt that he can afford loosing the contact with voters. Maybe some day :owi:

@Gargron I think collections *and* being able to follow collections are a must in that case. That way, one could create playlists/albums/folders that have just content for certain target audience and it would ease the way users follow creators and erases the need for different accounts in order to follow different mediums, and also the pressure on deciding if unfollowing someone because of their random ramblings despite their great art. Just my 2 cents.

@andycuccaro coming from , this is something I am still missing well. (Featured) Hashtags are a step in the right direction, but so long that you can't follow or exclude those on a per-user-basis, it's still lacking.

@FiXato @Gargron Yeah, it's also something present through RSS in DeviantArt folders, tumblr pages and YouTube's playlists and it's very useful :)

@Gargron challenge is the non centralized reach is hard for creators to build up the audience. Maybe they might get better engagement?

@Gargron this is pretty good as it is, though dude. I just want a place where I can say what's on my mind.

@Gargron Technically, you don't have to be locked into Twitter, but you'll have to put in the work for it.

@Gargron I'm already loving the idea of this platform, It's simple and there is not too many notifications, With that said.
You're not going to get blocked because of every simple thing you do, Just obey the rules and have fun!

@BradleySmall @Gargron I don’t think so... Instagram and Twitter don’t share their revenue with their users, it’s only YouTube that does that

@aku @Gargron wow.. that was a long time response. :) And to think I have been sitting here staring at the screen all this time... :D

@Gargron You can't make other people come here, but you can make it easy to cause toots to post tweets.

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