Unlisted toots with hashtags (poll) 

Unlisted toots with hashtags (poll) 

Unlisted toots with hashtags (poll) 

Unlisted toots with hashtags (poll) 


@zatnosk @jeroenpraat Funnily enough I've come around on this as well over the years. I think local/federated timelines create a lot of issues.

@Gargron @zatnosk @jeroenpraat like foaf scopes on reading in livejournal, they're a great boost to discovery; but I also find their use is best when occasional. Still, exposing cache in this way was imho a brilliant move especially at first.

@cwebber @Gargron @zatnosk @jeroenpraat i find public TLs more useful than nothing, but not anywhere near ideal. and i say that as someone who often uses the federated TL as my primary column (given almost 3 years of filtering, though.)

fwiw i think pixelfed is planning not to do local/federated at all, and instead use a hashtag-based "discover" page (integrated with search). which... has its own problems, as tumblr shows... but perhaps slightly less than a firehose approach?

@Gargron @zatnosk @jeroenpraat On our small instance (~100 active users), the local timeline is one of the most beloved features. Our users have been asking us to add the local-only posting option for a while now.

@arjen @gargron @jeroenpraat "this" refers to the idea that local timelines and federated timelines might not be the best or even a good way to connect people and share toots widely.

@Gargron @zatnosk Although I hardly use the federated timeline, I use the local timeline a lot. I'm curious about the issues with public timelines.

I also think those timelines are a selling point for Mastodon. Please don't remove them.

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