According to the has crossed 3 million registered users (and this is excluding Gab)

@Gargron 500k active monthly users as well which I think is even more exciting

@bclindner yeah - that's the metric w.r.t community health + growth that I've been watching @Gargron

@Gargron Interesting if you take numbers from, without gab it should be something like 3.4 million.

@Gargron What is it including gab? I should check what percentage of the network they are, im curious now.

@freemo @Gargron they claim just over 1 million according to, but there's a lot of reasons to be suspicious of that number, like how they deliberately don't share any user activity stats

@Gargron, yes, it is, I' was banned for saying that illegal immigration wasn't okay. An echo-chamber, no less. Isn't that cringeworthy enough?

@Pervertor @Gargron you doing alright there mate? Record stuck on the same talking point?

@Gargron Very nice number 😃 I think I joined my first Mastodon account a few days or weeks before we reached the first million.It's really cool to see how the network is growing 👍

@Gargron But, it counts projects like matrix as part of the fediverse which imho makes no sense. Isn’t the *fediverse* term just for ActivityPub and OStatus implementations? I would exclude diaspora…

@Gargron Still, I think diaspora is not considered part of the fediverse and it just inflates the number. If it was for *federated social networking platforms user count*…

@Gargron Has anyone ever tried staging a raid on Gab or anything like it? On some occasions there have been Reddit pages of a similar ilk that have gotten hijacked and turned into jokes.

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